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Here's what people say about Tony...

Jim Booker

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chef Tony over the past 5 years in three capacities. The first is that of his remarkable skill and reputation as a chef and restaurant owner. I’ve enjoyed numerous meals with

clients, my wife and alone. The food and service has been extraordinary. I’ve also gotten to know Chef Tony as a business owner and entrepreneur. I’ve seen him close a long-standing restaurant due to his

landlord selling the building where the restaurant was located for the building of a new development.

Consequently, he opened a new restaurant in a new location during the pandemic and a couple of years later opened another restaurant.

He and his wife, Chef Sonia, make an excellent team.

Finally on a personal level, I am acutely aware of Tony’s integrity, curiosity, creativity, and faith.

He has helped many of those in need while maintaining a professional approach with his staff and advisors.

Chef Tony has a big heart with a warm smile that is contagious! How can you not love and respect the guy?

Kyle Benham

Tony is a class-act. I met him while working at DC101. As a Restaurant Owner and Chef, Tony has a demanding schedule, but he has always taken the time to help others who have a passion to learn. Whenever I needed a Chef on the air, Tony was there; bright and early, and fully prepared to speak about his work.

It’s rewarding to follow Chef Tony on the modern web. He has a passion for using the latest technology to engage with the community. Follow his Twitter account for a day. I guarantee you will learn something new.

Steve Dorfman

I have had the honor of knowing Tony since 1990. Over these 33 years, I've been inspired and impressed by Tony's positive energy, innovativeness and generosity. Tony excels in all endeavors -- he's a jack of all trades and master of all, possessing many amazing talents. His success comes as no surprise and I am proud to call him an associate and a friend.