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We know from our extensive cooking classes and years being Professional Chefs that people need a place to keep their new found kitchen knowledge for future reference!

We created that place!

A simple journal of your latest discoveries while trying out different recipes, techniques and ingredients.

Jot down notes, and collect in one central place for future reference.

We hope you enjoy and use for years to come!

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Our many years of running restaurants has led us to create this updated for 2023 Seafood Primer to help you learn about how to buy, cook and enjoy amazing seafood at home.

Presented to pick up and learn, this can help feel through how to source great seafood, cook it simply at home, and of course enjoy with your friends and family!

From our cooking classes to tens of thousands of restaurant guests over 16 years, we LOVE teaching people about amazing seafood and how it connects all of us around the table.

We hope you enjoy!