Chef Tony Marciante

Tony Marciante was born in Milan, Italy to American parents, eventually settling in Bethesda, Maryland in 1973. The multi-cultural surroundings spawned a Chef with ties to many countries around the world. Dinners at home included Italian food, Indian, Seafood and more... but always the family was close and communicative. Breaking bread daily was crucial to the family dynamic.

Tony got into the restaurant business after a vision just after high school and loved the energy, challenges and connectedness of a people & food business. Serving his clients has taken him on many adventures to open 4 different restaurants in his career so far. Relying on his multi-cultural background, Tony’s career has taken him to several states, opening restaurants and leading people to learning more about food every day.

Chef Sonia Marciante

Chef Sonia had been working hard in the restaurant industry over 10 years as Pastry Chef for one of the Premier Steak Restaurant Companies in the Country before jumping in with both feet at Chef Tony's.

Most importantly, she graced Chef Tony by becoming his wife in 2011, and works tirelessly in running the kitchen and maintaining our wonderful food.

She is constantly feeding, nurturing and caring for our restaurant, our employees and our guests.

Please say hi to Sonia when you come to dine, she doesn't LOVE the spotlight, but deserves it 1000%!

Chefs & Founders

At Chef Tony’s, we believe restaurants, above food & drink, are a catalyst for human connection.

We exist to facilitate that dynamic through our people and passion for the industry.

We approach our restaurant with an appreciation for simplicity, authenticity and connection to our community. We deliver daily with high quality food, spirits and people.

Our menus include fresh seasonal seafood at their core. We deliver food that nurtures, delights and reminds people that life is short and to enjoy a great meal more often. Our restaurant delivers a comfortable upscale environment that promotes conversation and connection

Our guests understand our message of simplicity and solid foundations and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Our Values Are the Foundation on Which We Built and Operate Our Restaurant

Fresh is Mandatory

Eat Happy

Seafood = Treasure

Honest Experience

Community is Key

Above personal preference, seasonality and freshness rule. We bring the best from the market...literally.

We believe that we’re blessed to be able to provide great food, and you should be relaxed and happy to come in and enjoy.

As seafood experts, we value the bounty the oceans have to offer, and we stay on top of the Industry to deliver the best we can.

Don’t stress over coming to dinner. Park close, come in to our Safe Haven and enjoy great food, excellent value, and friendly staff.

We believe that beyond food, drink and service...we love to connect and support our community in any way we can

Farm grown tomatoes, peppers and basil

We believe in simplicity, clean bold flavors and natural presentations...

Partnering with local farmers as much as possible, my team and I pride ourselves on featuring Great Local Cheeses, Oysters, Coffee, Ice Cream & Vegetables.

While our staff is small, my team and I love being able to support local economies and see them prosper. Make sure to visit our “Local Partners” page to see Company Profiles and more.

Farmers have passion for their industries, as we Chefs do. I recognized the value of working with them early on, and we strive to incorporate more and more local/fresh/organic on our menu.

During a recent Farm tour, I recognized the need for a better communication system, and I'm working with several technology platforms to facilitate easier deliveries and pricing from local farmers. Helping drive revenue to both ends of the food chain will ensure that growth continues, and businesses thrive.

Interested in learning more or giving some feedback?

Do you have a local farm in mind that could benefit from a partnership with Chef Tony’s?

Email Chef Tony directly -

We sum all this up by our 3 c's...




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